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Raw Banana Bajji ( Aratikaya Bajji)

Hai all thanks for liking, following, sharing n commenting on my blog. This recipe is combination of raw bananas n gram flour. This is easy snack r starter which we can prepare in evening.

                  There are lot of varieties which we can prepare with raw bananas. There r 5-6 recipes of mine with raw bananas which I will share slowly. Raw bananas are called aratikaya in Telugu. Bajjis r famous in south. With all vegetables they will make bajjis n I will share one by one.

                   I all ready shared betel leaf bajji u can see in my earlier recipes.  This I learnt from Streatham Walla by seeing her he prepared n from then I started preparing. This will be good snack r starter for every party to function.

Preparation time    : 10 mins
Cooking time           : 20 mins
Total time                 : 30 mins.