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Wheat grain balls ( godhuma sunni vundalu)

Hai all thanks for liking, following n commenting on my blog. This dish is combination of wheat grain, jagerry n ghee. This is easy n u can grind roasted wheat grain  as flour  n add jagerry n can store in air tight container for 3-4 months. When required u can add melted ghee n mix some powder wheat grain n can prepare balls as required. If u store the wheat grain flour then this dish u can prepare in 5 mins.

                     U all can have a doubt that why can’t we use instant flour that we use for roti that available in market. But when u first roast wheat grain n convert it into flour n prepare this sweet u can know the difference.

                     Usually this sweet is prepared with roasted black gram dal flour. But for a change n for us it is easy to prepare with wheat grain compared to black gram dal. This tastes good n we u once tastes this u will like for sure. I use small amounts of sugar to enhance more taste to the dish.

                      In ou…