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Boneless chicken gravy fry

Hai all thanks for liking, following n commenting on my blog. This dish is a combination of chicken, onions, n masala.

                 So many people prefer bones I will post that recipe some other time. This dish I learnt from my family. I like boneless chicken n the ingredients I use will be in our home.

                I will use onions half paste n half priced to get the gravy. N masala for me I use all if u want less gravy then use 3 tbsp n remaining store in airtight container n keep in freezer. I use some coriander leaves at starting so that it will add good aroma to chicken.

                This recipe will be good in rice, chapatti, dosa n roti’s.

Preparation time  : 30 mins
Cooking time          : 30 mins
Total time                : 1 hrs.