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Carrot kheer

Hai all. Thanks for liking, following n commenting on my blog. Kheer r payasam basically prepared for poojas r special occasions. But for carrot kheer u have no need to wait. This is easy n tasty n everyone will ask u again n again.

               This recipe is combination of carrots, milk, sugar r basic ingredients. These we will have in our home daily. I like carrots raw but boil I won’t eat n the boil smell I can’t carry. When first my mother in law said about this dish I said I will prepare but I won’t have it as I can’t stand boil smell of carrots.

                My mother in law said u won’t get any smell n u will drink more than any other in home. I prepared but I didn’t drank. By pressure I drank n trust me I drank 2 glasses at a time. From that time this became my favourite. Any occasion r any family get together I prepare this.

Preparation time : 10 mins
Cooking time       : 20 mins
Total time            : 30 mins