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Stuffed bringal fry dry (karapvankaya)

Hai all. Thanks for liking following n commenting on my blog. So many verities r there for bringal r egg plant. There is Telugu song for bringal as this is king of all vegetables n there is no doubt in it. We can make so many dishes. In my family there r nearly 7 to 8 varieties of recipes r there.

         Slowly I will share all recipes. This particular recipe is combination of fried Bengal gram powder n bringal. This will be good in rice, chapatti n even in dosa. For this we have to fry bringal n then we have stuff n fry for 2 mins.

        For this recipe we have to choose round n short bringals. For bringal the choice of bringal will increase the taste of the curry. Bringals stem should fully hold the bringal then only there will be no seeds n they will be tender. If the stem is green then they r fresh bringals.

Preparation time         : 5 mins
Cooking time                : 25 mins
Total time                     : 30 mins