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Kolhapuri egg curry

Hai all thanks for liking, following n commenting on my blog. This dish I saw in news paper n tried long back. In my home every one liked this n from then it added to my menu.

          This will be good with plain rice, chapatti n Pulao. This is easy to prepare. The name will be different but the ingredients will be same that we use in our homes regularly.

Preparation time      : 15 mins
Cooking time             : 25 mins
Total time                  : 40 mins

Lemon rice

Hai thanks for liking, following n commenting on my blog. This is easy to prepare when compare to pulihore regularly what we prepare for every occasion. It takes less time n we can prepare as breakfast r brunch  even when we’ve having leftover rice.

         In some places this is prepared with lemon salt. For that we have to mix lemon salt to rice.

         For leftover rice first we have to reheat rice so that lemon juice n salt mix well to rice.

Preparation time    : 10 mins
Cooking time          : 10 mins
Total time               : 30 mins

White sauce macaroni

Hai all. Thanks for liking following n commenting on my blog. This I tried recently.

           My sister in law is fond of pasta. So daily she asks me to prepare after coming from school. One day I prepared macaroni with white sauce. She liked it very much.
Today I am sharing that recipe. It is combination of milk, Macaroni n pepper.

Preparation time : 7 mins
Cooking time        : 7 mins
Total time             : 14 mins