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Ripped red chilli tomato (Pandu mirapakaya tomato) pickle

Hai all thanks for liking following n commenting on my blog. This is one of my favourite pickle. It is seasonal pickle. It is easy to prepare. At the time of winter we will get fresh red chillies.

          Usually we will get green n dry red chillies. Green we will get through out the year. But ripped we won’t get. It will get in winter n that is the right time for ripe chillies n from drying them under sun for days we will get dry red chillies. Our area is famous for chilies.

          There is popular for chilies that  name is Guntur mirchi. There mirchi r famous n export quality mirchi will get from there. There so many pickles with ripped chillies. In end of winter these pickles will be prepared n stored throughout the year.

           Now this pickle we can prepare in winter n can store for 2 r 3 months. We can say instant pickle. This picks is made by ripped tomatoes n ripped red chillies.
This pickle we can eat in rice. I use this pickle in o many ways. I will share them.