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Showing posts from January 15, 2018

RAVVA LADDOO ( semolina balls)

This is my all time favourite. N easy to prepare in this busy time. I am from south India n from Andra Pradesh it's one of our traditional dish.

Preparation - 5 mins
Cooking time - 5 mins
Total time - 10 mins

Korameenu ( Murrell) fish fry

Hai how r u all doing. Thanks for liking n following my blog. Today I am posting fish fry. This will be good for starters n snacks. Specially this fish because normally fish means it will have light smell after cooking also but this Verity there will not be any smell. Due to smell n thrones I will not prefer fish in my food but this one I love it.

Preparation time       : 15 mins
Marination time        : 40 mins
Cooking time              : 10 mins
Total time                    : 65 mins

Red Chilli Egg

Hai all. Thanks for liking ,following n commenting on my blog. First happy new year to all. This is the first recipe in this year. This is the easiest dish. we can prepare this  in 5 mins.

Preparation time   :   2 mins
Cooking time           :  3 mins
Total time                 : 5 mins


Hai today powder is another one where u won't get in market. Name will be same but the ingredients will be different. This is also learnt from my family. This powder we use in fries r deep fries n some more dishes with this powder I will post in my recipes. With in few mins u can prepare egg n egg plant (bringal) dishes with this powder. N it increases taste to ur fried dishes. Garlic is good for health but most people will not like so this will be best to use in daily basis. It will be good with idlys with ghee n u can sprinkle this powder on dosa also. So let's start recipe.  Preparation time : 7 mins

Menthikura vundalu (methi) (Fenugreek balls)

Hai thanks for liking n following my i am posting another dish came from my family. U should have to spend some time to prepare this dish. Mainly for balls because we r making small balls n it will take time. In joint family where there will be 10 n more then it will be easy if some one helps u but if no one r there to help then u must have time n patience. But if u taste this dish then u will not leave it for sure. Mainly children now a days if we say about green vegetables they will make faces. In this they will love n can't find leaves n it will be good for both rice n roti. Generally there is a saying that south Indians will live to eat. Yes we love to eat n will give lot of variations to our dishes. I tried it in pizza also. I loved it.