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Strawberry smoothie

                   Hai all thanks for liking, following, sharing n commenting on my blog. This drink is combination of strawberries, curd, milk n sugar. This smoothie is liked by all mainly kids.

                    In my home my sister in aw won’t eat fruits n drink  juices. But when first I made this smoothie is drank without any fuss. N from then I started trying different smoothies n in different combinations.

                     When u try this drinks all will love this n for kids birthday parties, kitties n for every occasion u can prepare this n it is easy to prepare. This will take less time n all can enjoy any time in the day.

                          Winter is the period we get strawberries. The correct period of strawberries is from November – March. This time we can make so many varieties with strawberries. We can store strawberries pulp n freezer n use when ever we want. We can made jam with out any preservations in home n can store.

preparation time         : 7 mins
Total time                       7 mins


Strawberries               : 8-9
Milk                             : ½ cup
Curd                            : 2 tbsps
Sugar                           : 3 tbsps
Ice cubes                     : 5-6


Wash n clean strawberries n cut into cubes n keep aside.
Crush ice cubes n keep aside.
In a blender add strawberries, milk, curd, sugar n crushed ice cubes n blend into                       smoothie.
Take smoothie in a juice jar n garnish with strawberry.
Strawberry smoothie is ready to serve.


                While using strawberries use only ripped strawberries.

                Crush ice cubes so that blender blade will not struck.


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