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Butter cheese sandwich

                            Hai this for liking, following, sharing n commenting on my blog. This recipe is combination of butter, cheese, carrot n capsicum.

                            This is easy n will serve every purpose. Mainly for kids snack box. It’s easy to make n specially no cooking. Only five mins to prepare. Now a days every one r liking these type of dishes.

                            It’s common now in homes having cheese n butter so the ingredients r available in home only. We can use brown r white bread that is our choice. I am using white bread.

                           My slogan is feel the food so I want tasty bread but I won’t say brown bread is something but I like white bread more when compared to brown bread.

Preparation time    : 5 mins
Total time                  : 5 mins


Bread(white r brown) : 6 slices
Butter                        : 2 tbsps
Cheese                       : 2 tbsps
Grated carrot             : 2 tbsps
Chopped capsicum     : 2 tbsps
Pepper powder          : ¼  tsp 
Salt to taste.


Cut edges of bread n keep aside.
In a bowl take  butter n cheese n mix well.
Add grated carrot n chopped capsicum n mix well.
Add salt n pepper powder n mix well all.
Take the bread slice n spread this butter cheese mixture evenly.
Repeat same process for remaining five pieces.
Place one piece on other n make three sets of sandwiches.
Slice each sandwich into two.
Butter cheese sandwich is ready to serve.


If butter is salted no need to add extra salt.


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