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Bandhar laddu (thokudu laddu)

           This is famous in Andhra Pradesh. It came from a place called Bandhar now called Machlipatanam.

          So this thokudu laddu is also called as Bandhar laddu. Who ever goes to that place they will definitely taste this laddu. Slowly it spread to whole state. It won’t be strange if we say it spread to whole world.

         This is long process n from this laddu we can learn two dishes. That is bundhi n laddu. Bundhi is same process which we do it first to prepare this laddu slight difference is we have to add chilly powder to spicy bundhi.

preparation time     : 15 mins
Cooking time            : 80 mins
Total time                  : 1 hr 35 mins


Basen (gram flour)        : 250 GM’s
Jaggery                         : 250 GM’s
Water                            : ½ cup
Sugar powder                : ½ cup
Cardamom powder        : ¼ tsp
Ghee                             : 3 tbsp
Salt                               : 1 pinch
Oil for frying


Sieve gram flour. Add salt n with water make it batter .
Batter should as dosa batter n with out lumps.
Heat oil n place a strainer( which is having round small holes) on it.
Keep oil in mein flame.
Pour basen batter on strainer n with the help of laddle stir clock wise direction till all batter goes into oil.
Increase the flame n stir till the balls of basen(bundhi) turn golden brown colour.
Take them n place them on kitchen napkin wait till it cool downs.
Mean while keep jaggery in thick bottom vessel n add water( as shown in measurements). Keep it on medium flame
Take bundhi(balls of basen) in a mixer n grind into fine powder.
When jaggery start boiling( means when bubbles came) then add cardamom powder.
Remove from heat n add bundhi powder, sugar powder.
Mix them all with laddle with out lumps n add ghee n mix well.
Grease palms n take small amount of mixture n roll it as laddus
Every time grease palm with ghee before u roll the laddu
Bandhar laddu is ready to serve.

Be care full while cooking bundi if bundhi turn brown then laddu will not taste good.


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